Meet our Experts

Zubin Austin, BScPhm., MBA., MISc., PhD 

Facilitator and Academic Lead, OSCE-ology 

Zubin Austin, Facilitator, OSCE-ology, Continuous Professional Development, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of TorontoZubin Austin graduated from the University of Toronto in 1988, and has been a member of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy since 1994. He facilitates the OSCE-ology program, and is involved with numerous CPD initiatives.

There is a lot to value in the experiences and education that both students and faculty gain in their time at the Dan. For Zubin, his association with the Faculty of Pharmacy CPD has brought him, “Opportunities for development of creative innovative programs that let us connect with pharmacists and other health care professionals in the community.” 

These opportunities are what continues to motivate him to excel in his career. What pushes him is “knowing [he is] part of a broader community of caring and committed health care professionals.” He also recognizes the importance of the CPD in the broader sense of the pharmaceutical community, one that, in Zubin's words, keeps evolving in a world that's constantly changing, “Without CPD, we are stagnant.” 

The “creative programming, innovative teaching methods, a commitment to patients and practitioners and the ability to create a community of learners” is just a short list of the strengths and benefits of the CPD course offerings and resources. 

The Leslie Dan building itself is one to behold. It lights up College Street in Toronto with its colourful, glowing architecture. It is “striking with clean lines and a beautiful design.” It is certainly an inspiring and modern place to work and study.

However, if Zubin could take with him one thing from his CPD teaching experience, it would be “the moment when a group starts working together, acting like a community and learning from each other.” Certainly, one thing that the Dan, its faculty and its students understand the importance of, its the value of learning from the experience of other members of its community.