Essentials of Oncology
for Pharmacists


I have experience working in Oncology, do I need to take the Essentials Program or can I go straight into the Advanced Program instead?

The Essentials of Oncology Program was designed with a focus of caring for a patient in the community setting.  Therefore, the target audience is primarily community pharmacists, pharmacists in primary care settings and pharmacists new to oncology.  The topics are covered at an introductory level but focus on a holistic approach to patient care.  If you are interested in refreshing your knowledge of the topics, this Program may be appropriate for pharmacists with experience in oncology.  The Advanced Program will have a focus on caring for a patient in the oncology setting (oncology ambulatory clinics and inpatient wards).  The topics will be more in-depth and challenging.  If you have previous oncology experience, you may go straight into the Advanced Program when it is offered.  You will need to write the final test for the Essentials Program and achieve a 70% to go directly to the Advanced Program.  More information will be made available in the summer.

I may be away on vacation for a few weeks during the 3 months of the program, can the program be extended?

Please contact us for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Is there an exam at the end of each module?

No, there is no exam at the end of each module.  However, there is a final exam that will test your knowledge on all modules covered in the Essentials program.

Is there a deadline for completing all the modules?

You will have 3 months to complete the Essentials program.  After the three months have elapsed you will lose access to the program.

How many hours will it take to complete the program?

Each module is approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length.  The estimated direct contact time is approximately 12 hours.  You may choose to explore each module in greater detail based on the resources provided.

Is travel to Toronto required for this program?

The Essentials Program is entirely online so you will not be required to travel to Toronto.

Can a 4th year Pharmacy student take the program?

Yes, a pharmacy student in his/her 4th year can register for this program.

Can I work at my own pace or are there “due dates” for each module?

There are no “due dates” for any of the modules.  The program was designed to give participants flexibility and be able to work at their own pace.

Can I earn CEUs with this program?

At this time the program is not CCCEP accredited.