Advanced Oncology

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Advanced Oncology for Pharmacists is a two-part program that will build on the skills and knowledge acquired in the Essentials of Oncology for Pharmacists as well as your current experience to provide an in-depth approach to caring for patients with cancer.

Advanced Oncology Program Part 1


Advanced Oncology Program Part 2

ONLINE + Two-Day Workshop

Part 1  is an online learning course which consists of 19 interactive modules, each module is approximately 45 -60 mins in length.  Participants can self-pace their learning over approximately 3 months and draw from a wide array of resources, such as the University of Toronto Library.  All participants will have access to University of Toronto’s virtual library and electronic Pharmacy resources such as LexiComp, RxTx (formerly known as eCPS), Natural Medicine, MEDLINE (Ovid), PubMed, and hundreds of journals. 

Examples of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Pharmacotherapies of cancer treatment (CAPhO)
  • Advanced cancer pain management
  • Oncologic emergencies
  • An evidence-informed approach to common natural health products
  • Foundations of cancer disease sites
  • Chemotherapy and biotherapy
  • Caring for a cancer patient with comorbidities
  • Palliative care topics
  • Cannabis use in cancer
  • Health literacy to enhance patient education
  • Controversial topics in solid and hematologic malignancies

For a description of each topic click here and for a list of Faculty click here

November 5, 2018 (approximately 3 months)

Successful completion of Essentials of Oncology or the Exemption by Examination Test.  

Part 2 is combination of didactic and case-based discussion formats.   The focus of the Part 2 will be on:

  • the pathophysiology and evidence-informed treatment modalities of common disease sites including breast, gastrointestinal, lung, gynecologic, genitourinary and hematological malignancies.  
  • Other key themes such as motivational interviewing, screening and prevention and treatment intent will be discussed to consolidate knowledge of cancer care.

Through the use of patient cases and small group discussion participants will apply and consolidate knowledge acquired in Essentials of Oncology and Advanced Oncology Part 1.  Using an evidence-informed approach and best practices, participants will develop care plans for patients and learn from each other in an engaging and interactive manner. To see the tentative outline for Advanced Oncology Part 2 click here. Topics are divided between a self-pace curriculum as well as an *in-person two-day workshop. 

March 2 and 3, 2019

Location: (*there will be the option to join via live webcast for those outside Ontario)
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
144 College St
Toronto, ON M5S 3M2


 **Please note that Part 1 and Part 2 must be taken at the same time once registered.  Part 2 cannot be deferred to a later date. 


Who Should Attend?

Advanced Oncology for Pharmacists is designed for pharmacists who:

Exemption by Examination Test: Pharmacists who have not completed the Essentials of Oncology Program may be admitted directly to the Advanced Oncology without taking the Essentials of Oncology Program by taking an Exemption by Examination Test. For more information please see Q&A


How Much?

Earlybird Fee: $1750 + HST (Available until September 30, 2018)
Regular Fee: $1999** + HST

The Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (CAPhO) is the national forum for oncology pharmacists and other health care professionals interested in oncology pharmacy. If you are interested in joining CAPhO please visit their website at:

**Members of CAPhO receive a $75 discount on registration for the Advanced Oncology program (the equivalent of one year membership for CAPhO). Please note this discount applies to the regular fee only.


Am I Eligible for Tuition Assistance?

You may qualify for funding from the Allied Health Professional Development fund. For more information, please visit their website at:


*Participants who complete this program will receive a certificate from the Office of Continuous Professional Development at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto.