Internationally Educated Pharmacists

IPG Alumni


IPGAA is the IPG Alumni Association of the most successful bridging program in Canada. The IPG program is a unique “best practices” bridging program designed to assist pharmacists trained in countries outside Canada, to meet entry-to practice standards.

IPGAA was established in 2005 to advocate on behalf of international pharmacists who have graduated from the IPG program and to provide ongoing support of current students in the program.

In our new roles as IPG alumni, we have the opportunity to influence the education of other international pharmacy graduates and contribute to improving pharmaceutical care for patients in our communities.

IPGAA is an excellent means to keep in touch with each other and the IPG program. Our experience and involvement with IPGAA program activities are truly invaluable.
Some of our activities include our annual IPG reunion luncheon and CIBC run for breast cancer.

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Join IPGAA today for an opportunity to contribute to pharmacy practice, your community and to have fun!

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