Infectious Diseases - Online

The Program

CPD offers an opportunity for pharmacists worldwide to be on the leading edge of Infectious Disease management through this online program.

This online program provides access to online lectures and slides from Canadian Infectious Disease experts featured in the 2014 - 2016 Infectious Diseases/Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Conferences on "Contemporary Issues in the Management of Infections". The available lectures will provide over twelve hours of leading edge continuing education, combined.

The lectures are directed towards health-system clinicians with an interest in the pharmacotherapy of infections commonly encountered in hospitalized patients. Clinicians will be provided with contemporary management strategies and information on the challenges of infections facing these patients. The role of antimicrobial stewardship in optimizing the use of antimicrobials is also covered.

Account Types

Individual Account - $200
This will provide two weeks of access to one individual. A discounted student/resident rate is available, but can only be processed via telephone.

Institutional Account - $500
This will provide four weeks of access for an unlimited amount of learners at one educational or medical institution.

International Rate - $300
Please note that individuals with addresses outside of Canada are required to pay an additional $300 surcharge for this program.

Ryan Keay 
(416) 978-7562