Immunization and Injections
for Pharmacists

Can a medical lab assistant attend the workshop?

No.  The program is restricted to pharmacists, pharmacy students and interns only.  

I have completed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada’s Qualifying Exam and the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) jurisprudence Exam, and applied to OCP for my studentship. Can I register for the injections training?

You can register for the program only after you have been accepted into your studentship and have received a panel decision or are in the final weeks of completing the IPG program. 

Can (non-registered) pharmacy technicians take the immunization course in order to assist the pharmacist with flu shot injections.

No.  The program is restricted to pharmacists, pharmacy students and interns only at this time. 

I’m a licensed pharmacist in another province, but not in Ontario. Can I take the program?

Pharmacists licensed in other provinces can register for the injections workshop.  However, if your injections training is current and you feel comfortable that you skills are current, you may not be required to complete the training; you can check with OCP to confirm recognition of your training.

What tests/vaccinations should pharmacists have before injecting people?

Pharmacists may not know the full health status of their clients so the intention of having an up to date immunization schedule is to protect the client as well as the health care practitioner. You should check with your manager as to the policies of the pharmacy. At the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, students must have an up to date immunization record before going out on clinical rotations and that includes the following vaccinations:


Are Part 1 online component and Part 2 live session supposed to be taken together?

You can register for both at the same time but you must complete Part I at least 3 weeks prior to the Part II session.  We recommend you complete both Part I and II of the program within a few months of each other.


Can I register for the Injections Training course before I start my studentship?

You may register for the Injections Training if you are enrolled in the IPG program and will be starting your studentship within 3 months.  For more information on what vaccines pharmacy students and interns can administer, please see the following link:

Now that pharmacists can inject other vaccines, do I need to re-take the Injections Training Course? 

No, you are not required to re-take the Injections Training course.  Once pharmacists have done their initial training in a CCCEP accredited course, further certification is not required.  However, if you have not administered an injection for a prolonged period of time, it is part of OCP’s standards of practice that pharmacists are able to self assess whether they need an injections refresher course and to ensure their CPR and first aid training are up to date.

As for administering any drug or vaccine, pharmacists must continue to follow OCP’s Guideline for “Administering a Substance by Injection or Inhalation”.  For more information, follow the link: