International Pharmacy Graduate
Program (IPG)

Program Overview

Experienced FacultyThe International Pharmacy Graduate (IPG) program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, provides academic modules and experiential learning necessary for internationally-educated pharmacists to gain enculturation to Canadian pharmacy practice and training for the purpose of meeting entry-level standards of practice for pharmacists. Course content is adapted from courses offered in the Faculty of Pharmacy undergraduate program and is comprised of Canadian Pharmacy Skills (CPS) 1 and CPS 2 course modules.

Therapeutics, law, practice management, pharmaceutical care, drug information and the Canadian health care system are just a few of the content areas covered. Students also gain critical language, workplace, and practice skills necessary for licensure in Canada. Students enrolled in IPG program course modules learn innovative Canadian models for pharmacy practice, which will help them identify and resolve medication-related issues and upgrade their skills in pharmaceutical care.

CPS 1 courses are offered in October and April each year. CPS 2 courses are offered January
and July each year. In addition, a hybrid program is also offered with online courses and
workshops in Toronto. 

Content areas include:

For more details:

The academic modules are very intensive and consist of a combination of didactic, problem-based, practical and simulated course work. All courses in Canadian Pharmacy Skills 1 (CPS 1) must be successfully completed and a minimum average of 60% must be achieved prior to beginning the CPS 2 module.

An examination period follows each module. Results are made available to participants following review and approval by the IPG Examinations Committee.

Toronto-based classes take place in the Walmart Canada International Pharmacy Education Centre, a state-of-the-art facility located at 256 McCaul Street, 4th floor.

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