International Pharmacy Graduate
Program (IPG)

IPG Faculty

The Faculty is committed to ensuring excellence in pharmacy education and providing a supportive learning environment.

IPGs that have participated in Canadian Pharmacy Skills modules of the IPG Program have found the academic experience to be enriching and the preparation for training invaluable.


Pharmacotherapy Course Coordinators:

Vincent Teo, BScPhm, PharmD

Laura Tsang, BScPhm, ACPR, PharmD

Lisa Zhu, BScPhm, RPh, ACPR, PharmD

Pharmacotherapy Assistant Course Coordinators:

Laura Schultz, BScPhm, ACPR, PharmD

Marko Tomas, BScPhm, ACPR

Jonathan Hunchuck, BScPhm, ACPR, PharmD

Alexandra Cheung, BScPhm, PharmD

Patient Counselling Coordinators:

Al-Harith Mohammed, BScPhm

Slava Zlydennyy, BScPhm, RPh

Clinical Skills for Medication Management Coordinators:

Marie Rocchi, BScPhm, M.Ed.

Brandi Cambray, BScPhm, RPh

Naomi Steenhof, BScPhm, ACPR

Foundations of Pharmacy Practice Course Coordinators:

Marie Rocchi, BScPhm, M.Ed.

Bassem Hamandi, BScPhm, M.Sc.

Rose Patodia, BScPhm, RPh

Doris Kalamut, BScPhm, RPh

Ambulatory Conditions Course Coordinators:

Kathy Vu, BScPhm

Nardine Nakhla, PharmD

Pharmacy Practice Lab Course Coordinators:

Jauher Ahmad, BScPhm, RPh, CDE


International Pharmacy Graduate Program Lecturers