International Pharmacy Graduate
Program (IPG)

Tuition - Cost and Financing

NOTE: All fees subject to change. Any change will be posted on this site.

Applications are processed at a fee of $250 (plus HST). Canadian (non-refundable) via credit card payment.

  1. Your Application Fee is valid for two years. 
  2. Upon approval, students who are admitted to the Canadian Pharmacy Skills 1 (CPS 1 in-class) or Canadian Pharmacy Skills 1 (CPS 1 Online) will be sent a confirmation letter in an email, which will also include a link directing them to the secure Course Payment page.  
  3. Program Course Fees must be paid prior to the beginning of classes. Please carefully note these dates included in the confirmation admissions email. 
  4. The Program reserves the right to alter the fees as required. Our course registration fees include all academic instruction and course materials as well as Mentorship. 
  5. Additional expenses will include textbooks (approximately $500), accommodation and living expenses. 
  6. Tuition costs for CPS 2 or CPS 2 Online will be paid after students have successfully completed CPS 1 in-class or CPS 1 Online Programs. 
  7. At that time, a refundable deposit of $1000 may be requested to ensure your space is saved. 
  8. Another email will be sent with a link directing successful students to a secure Course Payment page for CPS 2 and CPS 2 Online. 

The course fees for the IN-CLASS Toronto program, and the CPS ONLINE program are:

Please review the admissions process, plus have your documentation ready to complete the registration process upon receipt of your Admissions confirmation email.


The course fees for the Blended Full-Time program will be posted on this web site in June.


For those students who can not pay by credit card, please contact for alternatives.


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