International Pharmacy Graduate
Program (IPG)


NOTE: All fees are subject to change. Changes will be posted on this site.

The application fee is $250 (plus HST) Canadian, and the IPG Program tuition fee is $13,000 (plus HST) Canadian.
The fee payment can be made via credit card using a secure payment link found below. The application fee is
non-refundable. The Program reserves the right to alter the fees as required.

Upon approval, learners who are admitted to the International Pharmacy Graduate Program will be sent a confirmation
letter by email, which will also include a link directing them to the secure Course Payment page. Tuition fee must be paid
prior to the beginning of class. Please carefully note the deadline dates included in the confirmation of admissions email.
Your application fee is valid for two years.

The course tuition fees includes all academic instruction, and course materials. Additional expenses will include textbooks, accommodation and living expenses.

The course fees for the Blended Full-Time program will be posted on this web site when available.


Payment Options

Learners may choose to pay their tuition fees in two ways;

1) the full tuition payment for the IPG Program tuition can be paid by the posted deadline date for the session they have
enrolled in, or

2) 50% of the tuition fee can be paid by the posted deadline date, and the remainder of the tuition fee can be deferred
to the start of the CPS 2 academic term.

A secure link with these payment options will be forwarded to the learner with their offer of admission. Please be prepared
to pay the tuition fee upon receipt of your admission offer email. For learners who can not pay by credit card, please contact for alternatives.


Financial Assistance

Bursary for Students Enrolled in Bridge Programs

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development offers the Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) to provide bursaries to leaners with financial need who are enrolled in non-OSAP approved bridge programs. Funding is expected to be renewed on an annual basis, but not always guaranteed. Internationally trained professionals with financial need are eligible to apply for an OBPAP bursary if they are enrolled in a Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI)-approved bridge training programs. Learners enrolled in the IPG program may be eligible to apply for the OBPAP bursary. Eligible leaners may be awarded up to a maximum of $5000.00 to offset the costs of their education. Applying for the bursary does not guarantee receipt of a bursary award. For information regarding the eligibility criteria please visit, More information will be made available after your program session has commenced.

Application packages will be made available to learners only after the program they are enrolled in has commenced. Bursary award decisions will be made after the program session has begun, and learners may only receive a bursary award once through the IPG Program. Learners are required to make the program tuition payment prior to submitting an application to for a bursary.


Additional Sources of Financial Assistance

Additional financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. For additional information, please contact the offices below. The IPG program is not affiliated with the offices listed:

Immigrant Access Fund

Loans for Skilled Immigrants - IAF provides low interest loans to help with training, accreditation & getting the job that you trained for. Visit their website,, for more information, or call toll free: 1-855-423-2262.

Scotiabank Professional Student Plan

For more information regarding student loans or filling out the loan application, please contact: 
Lynne Owen, Assistant Manager,, 416-866-3940 Ext. 4206, or
Shanta Gulchand, Senior Professional Advisor,, 416-866-3940 ext. 4207, or
Alex Weekse, Small Business Advisor,, 416-439-3040

TD Canada Trust

For more information regarding student loans or filling out the loan application, please contact: 
Ipsita Kappal, Account Manager Small Business,, 905-270-9102


Admission Requirements

Course Deadlines and Dates

Apply to the IPG Program


After you have submitted the application fee please be sure to fill out the application form.

CPS I Registration Payment

Phone: (416) 946-5779
Toll-free: 1 (866) 969-9499