Thrombosis Management

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Evolutionary changes in health care have pushed patient safety and management to the forefront of practice. Antithrombic medications are ranked amongst the highest risk medication groups. As such, the management and prevention of thromboembolic disorders have emerged as important patient safety priorities and provide ideal opportunities for pharmacists wishing to increase their involvement in patient care.

This course is designed to provide pharmacists with an understanding of patient issues related to thrombosis. It explores areas of thrombosis from prevention to diagnosis and management. The course aims to provide pharmacists with the knowledge needed to take a role in the management of patients with or at risk of, thromboembolic disorders. This course would be of interest to all pharmacists working with patients taking antithrombotic medications.

Who Should Attend?

Pharmacists and other health care professionals looking to become experts in the management of antithrombotic medications.


How Much?



Where Do I Go?

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Room 850, 144 College Street
Toronto, ON
M5S 3M2 


Am I Eligible for Tuition Assistance? 

Reimbursement for professional development programs is available from the Allied Health Professional Development Fund.